Learn, Inspire, Lead: Programme of World Congress 2018 published

Learn, Inspire, Lead: Programme of World Congress 2018 published


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The programme of the World Congress 2018 has just been published – and it is packed with insightful and thought-provoking sessions following the conference’s theme Learn, Inspire and Lead.


As for the learning part, participants can choose between sessions such as:

–          “Strategies for building employment opportunities”, where they can learn about the business case for engaging with employers.

–          “Moving confidently toward inclusion in schools”, a session giving an overview of what inclusive education is, and how to make it happen.

–          “Transforming health care” on the steps service providers, health care practitioners and communities must take to improve health outcomes for people with intellectual disabilities.


Inspiration will be provided through a vast amount of good examples to discover. Topics include:

–          “Empowerment and equality for women with disabilities”: Motivating examples of women with disabilities breaking down barriers and paving the way toward making decisions about their own lives.

–          “My Community includes ME”: A session where self-advocates, siblings, and families from around the world describe how living and being included in their community impacts their lives.

–          “It’s more than a job” with stories from people with intellectual disabilities, families and employers that highlight the impact and value of employment.


Finally, participants can find out how leaders are changing tomorrow’s world at sessions such as:

–          “Using technology to make our voices heard” on how self-advocates use the internet and smartphones as tools for inclusion.

–           “Lifelong learning and inclusion”: a session showcasing how parents build strong networks of knowledge and support while their child is of an early age.

–          “Including self-advocates in running organisations” with examples on how they have been included in organisational leadership, and the changes they effected.


Inclusion Europe will organize a number of sessions on a range of topics to bring our European perspective to the table. To highlight just a few:

–          “Mission: Impossible?” looks at lessons from the EU’s ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD): How did it happen, what can we learn from this process, and what impact has it had for EU citizens?

–           “Times, they are a changing” explores the evolving role of parents, their needs and the role they play in the inclusion movement.

–           “Moving forward: from institutions to independent living” gives an insight into how the inclusion movement can support the transition toward independent living, and how to connect and work with those still living in institutions.

The World Congress offers you a unique opportunity for international networking, for tapping into the wealth of experience of participants from all over the world, and, last but not least, the possibility to gain practical know-how that you can make use of when back home.

Do not hesitate any further and – register now!

The hashtag to be used on Facebook and Twitter is #LearnInspireLead.


Flavours of European inclusion: celebrating 30 years of learning, working and achieving together

Inclusion Europe will also celebrate its 30th anniversary with an event at the World Congress called “The Flavours of European Inclusion“: Inclusion Europe members will present their national inclusion achievements. Participants are invited to discover stories, pictures and objects illustrating how the inclusion movement has moved forward during the last three decades, while tasting delicious national specialties and making new connections. They will learn about successful European collaboration for inclusion (including collaboration between Inclusion Europe and its members) and about partnerships national members have formed with companies, government agencies and funders to advance the cause.

Find all our anniversary news on social media by following #30yearsofInclusion on Facebook and Twitter.


Easy-to-read version

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The programme of the World Congress

This year, the World Congress of Inclusion International will take place in Europe.

The title of the event is Learn, Inspire, Lead.

It will happen in Birmingham in England,
from Wednesday 30 May to Friday 1 June.

Inclusion Europe is a partner of the event.

We hope our members will come and share their experiences.

The programme of the World Congress 2018 is now published.

There are different parts of the programme.


One part is “Learn”.

We will talk about different things.

For example:

  • How to make it clear to people who run companies
    that it is good for them to employ people with intellectual disabilities.
  • How to make Inclusive Education happen everywhere.
  • How to make sure that all the people who work in healthcare
    know how to deal with people with intellectual disabilities.

This is important so people with intellectual disabilities

get the same treatment as everyone else.



Another part of the programme is “Inspire”.

We will talk about different things.

For example:

  • How important it is for self-advocates and their families to be included in their community.
  • How important it is for people with intellectual disabilities to get a job.

It is also important for their families.

And it is important for the people who employ them.



Another part of the programme is “Lead”.

We will talk about different things.

For example:

  • How self-advocates use the internet and their smartphones to be better included
  • How parents of children with intellectual disabilities reach out to people who can help them.
    This is important because these people can help the parents
    when the child with an intellectual disability gets older
    and becomes an adult.
  • How self-advocates can be included in running an organization.


Inclusion Europe will also organize some sessions.

For example:


So you can learn many things at the World Congress.

And you can use these things when you are back home.

At the World Congress, you can also get to know people
from all over the world.

For example, other self-advocates.

If you want to register, click this link.

You can find more information here.


Use the hashtag #LearnInspireLead on Facebook and Twitter.


Celebrating 30 years of European inclusion

At the World Congress of Inclusion International,

Inclusion Europe will celebrate its 30th birthday with a special event.

Inclusion Europe’s members will talk about what they have done
for inclusion over the last 30 years.

They will also share their national foods and culture.

Participants will learn about how the members of Inclusion Europe
have worked together over the past 30 years.

Participants will also learn about how the members of Inclusion Europe
have worked with other companies, governments and donors.

We will end the event in a special way: with a drink and a little surprise.

Afterwards, participants can join the World Congress party.


Use the hashtag #LearnInspireLead on Facebook and Twitter.