Job offer: Advocacy and policy officer

Inclusion Europe is looking for an Advocacy and policy officer. We are looking forward to receiving your application!

Job offer: Advocacy and policy officer

Inclusion Europe is looking for an Advocacy and policy officer.

Please see below to find out more about what the job entails and the requirements. We are looking forward to your application!


Job title: Advocacy and policy officer

Reports to: Director

Supervision of: Policy trainee(s)

What we need the Advocacy and policy officer to do:

Promote Inclusion Europe policies to important organisations at European level:

  • Talk to representatives of different European bodies about what matters to people with intellectual disabilities and their families;
  • Review documents such as reports, laws etc. to suggest how they can better reflect the views of Inclusion Europe;
  • Speak at conferences, seminars etc. and report on it.

Write documents describing what Inclusion Europe wants on behalf of people with intellectual disabilities and their families:

  • Cooperate with Inclusion Europe members, listen to what they have to say;
  • Cooperate with Inclusion Europe partners to know about their views;
  • Prepare documents such as submissions to consultations (CRPD Committee, Council of Europe, EU institutions), policy briefs and positions, reports on topics important to people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Follow latest developments and find opportunities for influence at European level:

  • Build relationships and follow developments within the European Parliament, European Commission and other EU bodies;
  • Build relationships, follow developments and participate in advocacy actions when required with the Council of Europe;
  • Cooperate with working groups and other bodies of Inclusion Europe to develop policies and specific outcomes;
  • Cooperate with other partners to prepare joint advocacy, policy actions;
  • Inform colleagues and Inclusion Europe members on relevant developments.

Organise meetings, seminars and working group(s):

  • Supports and coordinates working group(s) and other bodies of Inclusion Europe involved in policy development;
  • Organise seminars and debates to raise awareness about issues important to people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Manage advocacy and policy aspects of our work:

  • Supervise and support trainee(s);
  • Cooperate with Communications officer on relevant activities, as well as with other members of the team.

Contribute in Inclusion Europe projects:

  • Manage project activities when appropriate;
  • Contribute to the development and delivery of plans and project activities;
  • Support mid-term and final reporting of projects.

We expect the Advocacy and policy officer to work in this way:

  • Include people with intellectual disability and family members in Inclusion Europe activities in a meaningful and appropriate way.
  • Communicate in a clear and easy-to-understand way.
  • Take responsibility for her/his own work.
  • Work effectively and collaboratively with all colleagues to build good relationships that enable the achievement of Inclusion Europe objectives; support colleagues in their work when appropriate.
  • Contribute ideas and solutions.

How we will know the Advocacy and policy officer is working well:

  • The views of people with intellectual disabilities and families are taken into account by relevant bodies on European level.
  • People with intellectual disabilities and family members get to be invited and to participate at conferences, seminars and during the development of relevant documents.
  • Members of Inclusion Europe know about our advocacy and policy work, contribute to it in an active and meaningful way.
  • Relevant activities are done in a way and time that was expected and planned.



Essential formal qualifications

  • University degree in relevant field (disability rights, European studies etc.) OR minimum 3 years of professional experience with advocacy / policy work on behalf of people with intellectual disabilities.
  • Permission to work in Belgium: EU nationality, or work permit valid at the date of application.
  • Clear communication in English both oral and written.
  • Essential skills, knowledge and experience
  • Very good knowledge of European-level bodies relevant to Inclusion Europe, and of the way they work and how Inclusion Europe can collaborate with them.
  • Good communications and interpersonal skills; ability to develop and maintain relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders.
  • Computer literacy at level relevant for the job (Microsoft Office 365 applications).
  • Ability to plan, prioritise and organise a complex workload.


Skills and experience we would appreciate

  • Clear communication in French as well as other languages.
  • Knowledge about human rights bodies and strategic litigation.
  • Experience, engagement with the inclusion movement or with disability organisations.

Contract, pay and working conditions

This is a full-time job on a permanent basis (no fixed end to the contract).
The monthly pay is € 2,966 (gross) plus benefits:

  • 1 extra month of pay (13th month);
  • Meal vouchers;
  • Allowance for commute to work as applicable.

The position is based in Brussels, Belgium. The Advocacy and policy officer will be required to travel in Europe.

Starting date

The starting date for this position will be in early January 2020.

How to apply for the job

To apply for this job, you need to send these documents to us:

  • Structured CV;
  • Cover letter.

The cover letter should describe what interest you in working at Inclusion Europe and how you think you can contribute to what we do. The cover letter must also include this information:

  • Names, contacts for 2 persons who can provide references about you.
  • This text:
    “I declare that I have the necessary citizenship status or permits to live and work in Belgium. I confirm I am able to travel widely in Europe as required by this job.
    I declare that the information provided in my job application is correct; I understand that any information submitted in connection with employment and subsequently found to be incorrect or deliberately misleading could lead to dismissal without notice.”

The cover letter must be dated and signed.
Applications without the above information will not be considered.
The email address to send the application to is

Deadline for submitting the application is 28 October 2019 at 18:00 o‘clock Brussels time.

We will confirm to you by email receiving a full application. We will not reply to emails which do not have all the required information.

How the selection of candidates is organised

We will evaluate the applications and decide who we want to invite for an interview.
We will invite the candidates for an interview by email. The invitations will be sent 1 November 2019. We will not notify candidates not selected for interview.
Interviews will be held on 7 November 2019.

This date is definitive and is not for negotiation. Interviews will take place at Inclusion Europe office, Avenue des Arts 3, Brussels. Online interviews (over Skype or similar) are not possible.
We will write to every interviewed candidate about the result of the application within 5 working days from the interview. When we decide which candidate we prefer for the job, we will ask about her or his references.
All communication about this job opening should be directed to


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