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The European Parliament needs a new group focused on disability.

A new group focused on disability

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Before the European elections
the European Parliament had a group that looked at disability. 

The group was made up of MEPs from different political parties. 

The group made sure 
that the European Parliament stands up for the rights 
of people with disabilities. 

Now the European elections happened. 

There are new MEPs in the European Parliament. 

We don’t know if there will be the same group. 

The European Disability Forum says
there should be this group again. 

Inclusion Europe agrees with this. 

We want the next group to: 

  • have members from all over Europe 
  • make the European Parliament more accessible 
  • stand up for the rights of people with disabilities, 
    also for women and girls with disabilities 
  • work together with the European Disability Forum 
  • work together with other organisations 
    of people with disabilities