“Catalyst for Inclusive Education” – Inclusion International’s Initiative to overcome exclusion from education

“Catalyst for Inclusive Education” - Inclusion International’s Initiative to overcome exclusion from education

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Inclusion International is a global organisation.

They fight for the human rights of people with intellectual disabilities worldwide.

Inclusion International wants to help its members to move forward on Inclusive Education.

Inclusive education is education where everybody can learn together.

People who need support in learning can get the support they need.

In inclusive education everyone is included and nobody is left out.

Inclusion International has started a big network
where members can get support and advice.

Members can also share their ideas and activities.

Only members of Inclusion International can participate.

These members must work on inclusive education in their country.

With Inclusion International, members will get support
to find money to run projects

It is important that Inclusion Europe’s members are active.


Catalyst for Inclusive Education is an initiative of Inclusion International to create a global knowledge network for inclusive education. The network will respond to Inclusion International’s members’ information and support needs when it comes to Inclusive Education, for example

–          training materials and study tours

–          research

–          policy reviews

–          access to development programs

–          litigation

–          access to human resources and networks.


Inclusion Europe asks its members to participate in this initiative, which can be a valuable tool for knowledge exchange and mutual learning on a global level.


The project

With the capacity to respond in real time to issues and opportunities identified by member organizations, Catalyst for Inclusive Education will be a platform of resources to advocate, promote and support inclusive education at a school, community or country level. It will also provide direct support to projects, training, and consulting at a country level. In particular, the platform will assist Inclusion International’s members with initiatives that build on larger education reform efforts, and support the development of leaders to effectively bring about inclusive education. Catalyst for Inclusive Education will achieve its goals by enabling national and regional partners to access the resources and knowledge of global organisations at the policy and practice level.

Country initiatives

Inclusion International strives to achieve a balanced distribution of countries in terms of geographic regions. Initiatives will be selected that can realistically fulfil the targets specified as well as contribute expertise and innovation to an international community of practice.

Types of Initiatives:

  • Short term Expert Consultations (examples: legal opinion; policy review; one time workshops, trainings)
  • Technical Advisory Support (example: providing technical support to existing project run by country level partners)
  • Catalyst for Inclusive Education Country Projects (Multi-year projects funded and managed through Catalyst for Inclusive Education)

Initial identification of projects for participation in the initiative will be guided by the following criteria:

  • The family-based organisation is a member of Inclusion International or has capacity and timely intention to become a member;
  • The country level member of Inclusion International has a commitment to inclusive education as a priority issue;
  • There are opportunities for the member to work with the government and/or other partners to advance inclusive education (a policy commitment; projects in development, etc.); and,
  • Together with Inclusion International, the member is able to leverage funds and/or secure financial support for technical expertise.

For more information, please contact Tara Levandier at tara.levandier@inclusion-international.org