Global Self-Advocacy Summit: Questions and Answers

Global Self-Advocacy Summit: Questions and Answers

Self-advocates from all over the world


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There will be a Global Self-Advocacy Summit
at the World Congress 2018.

A summit is a big meeting.

EPSA will also participate at the Summit.

EPSA will talk for European self-advocates.

Below you can read all about the Global Self-Advocacy Summit.

And you can find out why you should participate:


What is the Global Self-Advocacy Summit?

The Global Self-Advocacy Summit is a big meeting
for self-advocates from all around the world.

The meeting will take place on 31st May.

It will take place as part of the Inclusion International World Congress.

The Inclusion International World Congress will be in Birmingham in the United Kingdom.


What is self-advocacy?

Self-advocacy is when people with intellectual disabilities speak up for themselves.

Self-advocates understand their rights.

Self-advocates makes decisions for themselves
and tell others what they think and feel.

Self-advocates work for inclusion in their communities
for themselves and for others.


What will happen at the Global Self-Advocacy Summit?

At the meeting self-advocates we will do different things:

1. We will talk about the Big Issues for people with an intellectual disability.

With “Big Issues” we mean things that stop you
from being included in your community.

For example, if you do not find a job.

Or if you do not get the right support.


2. We will also do some Calls to Action.

Calls to Action will be our messages to the world about
what is important for us.

The Calls to Action will ask for changes
so we can create a better future.

A better future means that
• we are included in our communities
• we can make our own decisions
• we have real jobs where we earn enough money

3. We will also celebrate all of our hard work and get to know one another!


Why do you need my help?

We want the help of self-advocates from around the world
to create the Calls to Action.

We want to make sure that we are
including the ideas of as many self-advocates as we can!

So we want you to participate at the Global Self-Advocacy Summit!


How do I help?

You can help us in 2 steps:

Step 1

Tell us the Big Issues in your life and the things that are
stopping you from being included.

You can do this when you click this link.

The link leads to a survey.

Step 2

Tell us your ideas and stories!

We want to hear from self-advocates from across the world.

You can tell us
• Your stories of being included
• What you think should change to make inclusion happen
• What we should tell governments, people who make decisions and

You can tell us your ideas by email:

You can also write us on Facebook in our Global Self-Advocacy Summit group.

We especially want videos and pictures of your ideas.

You can also send us videos and pictures that you did with your mobile phone.

The videos do not have to be long.

Send us your videos soon so you can be part of the videos
that we will be making and sharing!

You can find out more about the World Congress and the
Summit on the website