Having a job means having freedom to make your own choices and to control your own life.

With the majority of people with intellectual disabilities being unemployed, it is important to raise awareness on the importance of offering jobs to them and changing their lives for the better.

Having a job means having freedom to make your own choices and to control your own life.

People with intellectual disabilities are often excluded from employment opportunities despite being talented and skilled. Offering work to people with intellectual disabilities is highly beneficial not only for the employees but for the company as well.  

How can a company include people with intellectual disabilities? 


‚ÄúOne of the biggest challenges people with disabilities face is companies being afraid to employ them‚Ä̬†~¬†Martin¬†Lubojack√Ĺ,¬†job consultant at¬†Rytmus.



Employing people with intellectual disabilities can transform the working environment of a company. Ensuring the smooth integration of those employees in the process is key for their inclusion. Simple steps like job carving and job coaching are more than enough. 

In further detail: 

  • Job carving is a process during which a company evaluates the skills and talents of the applicant with intellectual disabilities and¬†adapting job descriptions accordingly. This practice ensures that the talents of¬†each individual¬†are being used for the benefit of the company and the person offering their work as well.¬†
  • Job coaching helps support people with intellectual disabilities in finding the right job for their needs and skills, learning how to perform the tasks required for this job, and¬†ensuring they are familiar with the company and the people they will be working with.¬†


Why is it important for people with intellectual disabilities to have a job? 


‚ÄúHaving a job is important. If you have a job and a salary, you can be financially independent. You also have colleagues and friends at work.‚Ä̬†~¬†L√°szl√≥¬†Bercse,¬†Chair of the European Platform of Self-Advocates¬†and¬†Vice-President of Inclusion Europe.¬†


Employing people with intellectual disabilities is important to them for several reasons. First of all, it grants them financial independence. The majority of people with intellectual disabilities are unemployed, making the opportunity for financial independence is life-changing. 

Being employed also boosts the social skills of people with intellectual disabilities, by encouraging them to form friendships in the workplace. 

It is also worth noting that having a job is crucial for the confidence of people with intellectual disabilities, as by completing tasks that are important for their employer, they feel useful and that their skills are being put to good use. 

Finally, having a job means having the freedom to make their own decisions and choices about their lives.  

People with intellectual disabilities are too frequently denied these everyday things that so many others take for granted. 

There are many companies and organisations that are now trying to change that by employing more people with intellectual disabilities and encouraging their inclusion in the workplace.

Our work brings the voice of people with intellectual disabilities and their families where decisions about their future are made.

This has always been incredibly important. It is even more so with the Covid pandemic drastic impact on their rights and lives.

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