Hire young people via the European Solidarity Corps!

Hire young people via the European Solidarity Corps!


The European Solidarity Corps is a new European Union initiative which gives young people the chance to volunteer or work in projects that benefit communities and people around Europe. This is an interesting opportunity for organisations advocating for people with intellectual disabilities who are looking for a young person to join their team!


The placements can be both as an intern or employee, and the sectors covered include education, health and social integration. Participants should be between 18 and 30 years old.


The volunteering strand offers young people the opportunity to carry out full-time voluntary service of between two and twelve months in another country. It builds on the European Voluntary Service (part of ERASMUS+) as well as other EU funding programmes. Volunteers will receive support depending on the EU programme funding the placement, such as generally return travel to and from the project, accommodation, meals, medical insurance and a small amount of spending money to cover their day-to-day living expenses.


The occupational strand, on the other hand, will provide young people with the opportunity of a job, traineeship or apprenticeship in a wide range of sectors which are engaged in solidarity-related activities. It will be set up gradually through partnerships with public bodies, NGOs and commercial organisations active in these fields. Young people engaged through the Occupational part of the European Solidarity Corps for a job will have an employment contract and will be paid for the job they do in accordance with the respective national wage laws and collective agreements that are in force


Registration is possible on the European Youth Portal where participating organisations can see the applicant’s profile. Organisations need to comply with quality standards and subsribe to the Charter of the European Solidarity Corps in order to be eligible.