Let’s apply the work-life balance directive! – ETR

The European Union has approved the work-life balance directive. It can be very positive for people with intellectual disabilities.

Let’s apply the work-life balance directive!

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The European Union has approved the work-life balance directive 

The work-life balance directive can be very positive 

for people with intellectual disabilities. 

It allows their parents and carers to have more time free 

so that they can spend together. 

Now every country in the European Union 

has to apply the work-life balance directive.  

The governments are in charge of doing this task. 

We ask governments to apply the work-life balance directive 

as fast as possible. 


We think it’s important that: 

  • Parents or carers get paid even when they don’t go to work 
  • Governments collaborate with NGOs 
  • Governments recognize that there are different kinds of families