Many people are still excluded from the digital society – ETR

Many children and teenagers are going back to school. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen for many children with intellectual disabilities.  

Many people are still excluded from the digital society

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Leen Sevens works at the University of Leuven. 

Leuven is a city in Belgium. 

Leen helps create tools 
that make it easier for people with intellectual disabilities
to use the internet. 

The internet has completely changed the way 

in which people talk to each other. 

Many people use social media to: 

  • talk to other people 
  • keep in touch with their friends 

and much more. 

Leen has created a tool 

that makes images from text.  

This tool helps people with intellectual disabilities 

ttalk to other people  

through the internet. 


It is very important that 
people with intellectual disabilities
can use the internet. 

 That’s why Leen’s work is so important.