Mapping Exclusion – share your experiences

Mapping Exclusion - share your experiences

9485aaece9Mapping Exclusion is a project of Mental Health Europe (MHE) and the Tizard Centre. The initiative consists of mapping institutional and community care in the mental health field in Europe. The first version of Mapping Exclusion was published in 2012.

MHE is currently undertaking a revision of the Mapping Exclusion project, with the title ‘Mapping and Understanding Exclusion’. This time around the project is going bigger, attempting to map mental health systems beyond institutional care but also to understand the exclusion created by poor mental health systems.
Persons with experience of living in institutions, forced hospitalisation or treatment, restraint and seclusion in Europe, are invited to participate in this study
Please note that this applies only to people with mental health problems, which however disproportionally affect people with intellectual disabilities.