Plena Inclusión Madrid reveals plans for an Easy-to-Read Online Dictionary

Plena Inclusión Madrid reveals plans for an Easy-to-Read Online Dictionary
etrPlena Inclusión is a member of Inclusion Europe
that supports the right of persons
with intellectual disabilities in Spain.Plena Inclusión believes in making information
easy to understand for everyone.Plena Inclusión Madrid is a local part
of the Plena Inclusión organisation.They have joined with Fundación Repsol
to create an Easy-to-Read Online dictionary.This project will adapt words into Easy-to-Read
with the help of experts in intellectual disability
and the Spanish language.They will also ask persons with intellectual disabilities
to agree the word is Easy-to-read
before it is posted online.To explain each word they will use a few
clear and simple words, pictures and examples.This is another great step for making
information more accessible.

Plena Inclusión Madrid hope to make this
new dictionary go online for the public
in the first few months of 2017.

Plena Inclusión Madrid, the regional division of our Spanish member Plena Inclusion, has revealed their commitment to accessibility in the form of an Easy-to-Read online dictionary. Plena Inclusión Madrid andFundación Repsol will combine their knowledge and experience with the support of professional linguists, persons with intellectual disabilities and experts in the field to adapt words and make them more easily understandable.

Around 50 people are working on the adaptation of about 1500 terms, the first to be included in the Easy-to-Read online dictionary’s initial launch in early 2017. The adaptations of each word will have been reviewed by 6 persons with intellectual disabilities and profesionnals from Fundéu BBVA to ensure they respect the European standards for making information Easy-to-Read, developed by Inclusion Europe.

Their model provides up to three easy-to-read definitions for each term, accompanied by a descriptive picture and example of its use. Each word goes through the scrupulous process of first being evaluated by a group of people with intellectual disabilities, then a group of language experts and finally another group of people with intellectual disabilities before being approved for publish on the online dictionary.

Javier Luengo, Director of Plena Inclusión Madrid, emphasises the importance of having the support of Spanish language experts and the knowledge of adaptation using the European Guidelines for producing Easy-to- Read information, created by Inclusion Europe.

Plena Inclusión Madrid supports and promotes access to information for people with understanding difficulties and hopes the dictionary of terms will provide support for individuals, organisations of persons with intellectual disabilities, their families and the database of existing materials for daily support which optimizes human potential.