Data Protection for people with intellectual disabilities

With 17 per cent of Europeans falling victim to identity theft every year, data protection and safe behaviour online are important issues. The aim of the SafeSurfing project was to develop activities and training materials for people with intellectual disabilities that support them in deciding which kind of information to share with others, so they can enjoy the benefits of the online world while keeping their personal data safe. 

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Implementation Period  2014 – 2016 
Financed by  European Commission under the “Fundamental Rights and Citizenship programme 
Project Coordinator  Inclusion Europe 
Project Partners  Anffas
Plena Inclusión


The project partners created five videos aimed at people with intellectual disabilities on how to stay safe online.  

The partners also developed online training modules on data protection and internet safety in five languages.  

SafeSurfing was a project about the internet.


It taught people with intellectual disabilities

how to be safe when they go online.


We did this project between 2014 and 2016.


During this project, we:

  • created videos that show how to protect

your personal information

when you go online

  • created a training programme on how to be safe

when going online.