Valerie Van Hees: Inclusive Mobility – easy to read

Inclusion Europe Radio published a new podcast episode about inclusive mobility. This time Myrto Delkou Interviewed Valerie Van Hees. Valerie works for the support centre for inclusive higher education.

Valerie Van Hees: Inclusive Mobility - easy to read

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Inclusion Europe Radio published a new
podcast episode about inclusive mobility. 

This time Myrto Delkou Interviewed Valerie Van Hees.
Valerie works for the support centre for inclusive higher education. 

Valerie and Myrto talked about
inclusive mobility in higher education. 

Mobility is when a student goes abroad
to study in another university for a few months. 

There are many programmes that give students
this opportunity, like the Erasmus programme. 

People with disabilities can also participate in
mobility programmes.

This is called inclusive mobility. 


Valerie said that a lot of students with disabilities
don’t know about this opportunity.

Students with disabilities also face 
barriers that can make the mobility harder.

Valerie works to make the mobility opportunities
more accessible to students with disabilities. 


Valerie said that it is very good for students 
with disabilities to participate in mobility programmes. 
They can learn new skills, new languages, 
and they become more confident after  
they go to study abroad. 
Valerie also said that students 
can receive support for their mobility. 
This support is usually financial. 

Students with disabilities can receive 
more support that will help them with their daily life  
and the life at the university. 
Students with disabilities are supported 
according to their needs. 

Students with disabilities can find more information
about mobility opportunities on the website and the website of the
support centre for inclusive higher education. 


You can listen to the interview here. 

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