“Voting can help us make our dreams come true”

Lucette and Dani Blanquart are members of "Nous aussi" Dunkerque. The delegation created the "I vote" poster which explains how to vote and has already sold 700 copies to town halls and municipalities.

``Voting can help us make our dreams come true``

The European elections in May are our topic of the year 2019!

We are talking about how to make voting accessible for people with intellectual disabilities and family members – and why it is important to vote!

Every month we interview one of our “Voting champions”: People who are active in reclaiming the right to vote, who talk to politicians about voting accessibility and who encourage others to cast their ballot.

Our Voting Champions in March are Lucette and Dani Blanquart of “Nous aussi” Dunkerque.

Dany and Lucette Blanquart (left) with the president of the directors of services club and MP Paul Christophe
Dani and Lucette Blanquart at the day against harassment and discrimination