Luc Gateau is the new president of Unapei

Luc Gateau is the new president of Unapei
etrThere is an organisation in France called Unapei.
They are member of Inclusion Europe.
They help people with disabilities and fight for inclusion.Unapei has a new president.
His name is Luc Gateau.
He has four children.
One daugther of Luc Gateau has an intellectual disability.


Luc Gateau is the new president of Inclusion Europe’s member Unapei, a French movement of associations representing the interests of persons with a disability and their families.


Luc Gateau is the father of four children, one of them a 26-year-old daughter who has Down’s syndrome and behavioural disorder. He has been involved in the work of associations for a long time, amongst other things as president of an Unapei association which employs more than 1600 employees and accompanies more than 3500 people in 90 agencies and medical-social services.

The association stands up for an inclusive society.