My Talents for Diversity online event 8th September 2020 – ETR

As part of MTFD project, we organized this online event with KLAPjob, whose aim is to get more people with intellectual disabilities into the labor market.

My Talents for Diversity online event 8th September 2020 - ETR

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On September 8,

Inclusion Europe organised the second online event

as part of the project “My Talents. For Diversity”.

Milan Šveřepa presented the speakers: 

  • Claus Hansen 
  • Tine Stampe 
  • Bjørn Burkal 

The speakers are part of KLAPjob.

KLAPjob is a project under Lev.  

Lev is an association in Denmark.  

Lev believes that people with intellectual disabilities have the right to decide where and how they want to work.  

KLAPjob promotes inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in the labour market.  

KlAPjob works with many different companies. 

KLAPjob helps companies prepare for employing workers with disabilities.

KLAPjob helps job seekers with intellectual disabilities to find a job.  

Claus Hansen is the Head of KLAPjob.  

Claus explained that KLAPjob employees receive 495 Euro per month. 

Claus also said that in Denmark people with intellectual disabilities receive disability pensions of 2.500 Euro per month.  

Bjørn Burkal is a self-advocate and KLAPjob ambassador.  

Bjørn is finishing school. He wants to be a graphic designer.  

Bjørn found a job thanks to the help of KLAPjob.  

Bjørn is very happy with his current job.  

Bjørn works 16 hours a week and earns a lot of money.  

Bjørn said that “when you have a job, you get a social life”.  

Watch the online event:

Our work brings the voice of people with intellectual disabilities and their families where decisions about their future are made.

This has always been incredibly important. It is even more so with the Covid pandemic drastic impact on their rights and lives.

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