Stop the segregation of people with intellectual disabilities! – ETR

Estonia is building a new place for people with intellectual disabilities. This place is an institutions, and it will be built with money from the European Union.

Stop the segregation of people with intellectual disabilities!

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We learned from the news 

that Estonia is building a new place 

for people with intellectual disabilities. 

They call it with different names. 

For example, they call it a house,  

a village, or a family home. 

But we know what it is: 

it’s a new institution. 

If people with intellectual disabilities 

are placed there 

they will be segregated

from the rest of society.  

It’s sad to hear 

that they are using money  

from the European Union 

to build this place. 

Inclusion Europe asks the European Union 

and the government of Estonia 

to stop building this new institution. 

That’s what Inclusion Europe’s director Milan Šveřepa said: 

“The European Union should not give money 

to build new institutions”. 

The self-advocates said: 

“The money should be used to support 

people with intellectual disabilities. 

So they can live in the community. 

And not in institutions”.