Inclusion Europe fundraiser to help in Ukraine has provided over € 630,000

Many of our members are supporting and broadcasting our initiative. Valuable collective action is shown on their behalf and it is more than appreciated during this difficult situation.

Inclusion Europe fundraiser to help people with disabilities in Ukraine has provided € 500,000

Edit: As of end of August, Inclusion Europe collected over € 630,000.

Almost two months have passed since Russia started the the war in Ukraine and people with intellectual disabilities and their families face the consequences of the conflict. These months taught us that for most of them it is impossible to escape the war zone, shelters are not always accessible, and there is a severe lack of basic supplies including medicines, hygiene products, and other necessary goods.  

Protecting people with disabilities in Ukraine who are not able to leave has become a priority for Inclusion Europe and our member organisations. Our member organisation in Ukraine, VGO Coalition, mentioned that the best way to help at this time is to donate, and for this reason, the Help Ukraine fundraiser was created. Up to now, the fundraiser has received € 630,000 in donations; this amount is aimed to assist exclusively VGO Coalition and its local organisations within Ukraine that are in need of goods, personal assistance, and community-based support. 

Many of our members are supporting this initiative; organising their own fundraisers to contribute, making donations, organising events to collect from the public etc. 

Some have also been participating in donations organised by other organisations, or have been donating and offering support themselves, demonstrating the importance of solidarity during the war. (Here is a list of our members.)

The fundraiser has received support from organisations and individuals outside of Europe too: Inclusion International, Inclusion Canada, The Arc of the Unites States among the organisations  raising awareness and contributing.

(Please not these are only examples of contributing organisations. We will publish detailed report at a later date. Thank you to everyone!)

All this aid and collective effort to provide assistance to people with intellectual disabilities and their families in Ukraine has been extremely helpful. We want to thank all of you for showing for empowering this initiative and condemning the war. The way you immediately took action is highly recognized and beneficial. It is more than great to show how strong and united we are in the face of such a catastrophic event.  

Here you can learn more about our campaign, how to donate, and the way this donation makes a difference in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities and their families affected by the war.  


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