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2022: End segregation

“In many countries, and especially those who started the process of deinstitutionalisation some time ago persons with intellectual disabilities and people with complex support needs are most likely to still live in institutional settings.”

  • “The situation of people with disabilities more generally has improved over time. However, this is not true for all people and more limited for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, who are more likely to be living in segregated or congregated settings and less likely to be experiencing real inclusion.”
  • “The importance of self-advocacy, self-determination and supporting people with disabilities to demand their rights is highlighted, whether at an individual level with regards to their own or at a local or national lobbying.
    People with intellectual disability are particularly affected by a lack of choice and control.”
  • source The Development, Conceptualisation and Implementation of Quality in Disability Support Services (Šiška, Beadle-Brown)

During the campaign we are:

Help Ukraine

Campaign to help people with intellectual disabilities and their families affected by the Russian war on Ukraine.



Joint advocacy campaign to stop the new additional protocol to the Oviedo convention of the Council of Europe.


Past campaigns

Coronavirus emergency

Coronavirus emergency resources. Plus articles about Covid-19.


2021: Employ

We will focus on supporting employment for people with intellectual disabilities.

2020: Educate

#ThatsWhatILearned: We are campaigning for inclusive education for all.

2019: Elect

Campaigning for the right to vote and to participate in the European elections

The fight for voting rights continues.

2018: Empower

Celebrating inclusion heroes all over Europe

Our work brings the voice of people with intellectual disabilities and their families where decisions about their future are made.

This has always been incredibly important. It is even more so with the Covid pandemic drastic impact on their rights and lives.

Being visible and vocal on issues directly affecting millions of people requires your support. 

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