project: How to stay safe online

The project deals with cyber crime against people with intellectual disabilities. project: How to stay safe online

Many people with intellectual disabilities are keen on using the internet and social media, and are regularly online. Normally, they do so without any troubles – however, they have a heightened risk of becoming victims of cyber crime. This problem is being addressed by the project that Inclusion Europe is taking part in. Following meetings in Czechia and Portugal, the project partners met again in North Macedonia to talk about the next steps of the project.

Based upon the previous outcomes, they will now develop

  • a guide for police on how to communicate with people with intellectual disabilities who want to report a crime
  • Easy-to-read texts that can support people with intellectual disabilities who want to go to the police
  • an AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) tool that can be used both by police and people with intellectual disabilities

At the meeting, a group of developers from Poland presented the AAC tool they created, which could be adapted to the needs of the project. Meeting participants were impressed by the opportunities the tool presents, and are looking forward to future collaboration.

The project partners will meet again for a training for people with intellectual disabilities in Poland.

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