Call: Coordinator for the European Expert Group

Call: Coordinator for the European Expert Group

Inclusion Europe is looking for a suitable candidate for the position of “EEG coordinator”.


Job title: EEG coordinator

Job type: Coordination, Policy, Advocacy

Reports to: EEG co-chairs (for administrative purposes: to the director of Inclusion Europe)


Purpose of the job:

This work is to be carried out on behalf of the European Expert Group on the Transition from Institutional to Community-based Care.

It is a part-time role to support the implementation of the EEG work with its members, EU institutions, EU member states and other neighbouring countries.

Tasks include:

  • Supporting the co-chairs in developing the content of the Group’s Internal and Open Meetings (with EU officials & Member State representatives), in taking minutes during these meetings and following-up on the Group’s efforts agreed at the meetings.
  • Supporting the Group in the preparation and implementation of its training seminars Brussels and in the EU by coordinating communication with key actors during this process (European Commission, Member State representatives, national experts and other stakeholders).
  • Providing support in building relations with relevant representatives from EU institutions including the EU Presidency, Commission officials, MEPs and the European Economic and Social Committee and Committee of the Regions.
  • Supporting the advocacy efforts of the Group to promote the transition from institutional to community-based care through the use of European Structural and Investment Funds.
  • Supporting the Group’s efforts in building relations with Foundations and private funders both in (1) promoting the work of the EEG and influence donor programmes and (2) identifying possible sources of on-going financial support for the Group’s activities.
  • Overseeing the internal and external communications and following-up on external requests.
  • Providing briefings to the Group on key developments at EU level in areas relevant to the transition from institutions to community based care.
  • Updating of the website of the Group.
  • Exploring funding opportunities.


Candidate’s specification

The successful candidate will fulfil the following criteria:

  • Good communication skills, preferably with past experience of work in the area of human and/or social rights in NGOs or in social policy in the public sector.
  • Excellent administrative/secretarial skills in managing own work, supporting the internal governance of the Group besides the delivery of its external activities in Member States
  • Ability to work effectively within a coalition and maintain the confidence and cooperation of member organisations
  • Ability to be accountable to a membership/alliance-based organisation and understanding its culture.
  • Ability to work independently
  • Demonstrable commitment to the goals and values of the Group. Experience of de-institutionalisation and the development of community-based social services is an advantage.
  • Experience working with or for the EU institutions and familiarity with EU policy-making processes. Knowledge of the EU structural funds is desirable.
  • Excellent oral and written English language skills. Other languages are an asset.


Other relevant information

Start date: as soon as possible

End date: end of December 2019

The position is part-time (0,5) with a Belgian employment contract that includes payment for a thirteenth month.

The monthly remuneration is € 1,216. Luncheon vouchers and travel to work allowances available as applicable.

Location: Brussels, Belgium


Application process

Applications should be sent to

Application will only be considered when it includes:

  • Structured CV demonstrating relevant skills and experience
  • Letter of commitment
  • In case of non-EU nationals proof of Belgian work permit valid at the time of application


Deadline for submitting the application is 11 March 2019 at 8:00AM Brussels time.

We will confirm receiving valid applications by email. We will not reply to emails which don’t have the full application.

We will notify and invite applicants for interviews. We reserve the right not to notify those candidates not selected for interviews. The invitations will be sent by 12 March 2019.

Interviews will be on 18 March 2019. We advise candidates that these dates are definitive and are not for discussion. Interview will take place in Brussels. We will notify on the exact address in the invitation.

All interviewed candidates will be notified of the result of their application by email within 7 days of the interview.

The offer of work contract for the successful candidate is subject of receiving satisfying references.

The eventual work contract will start as soon as possible (allowing for arrangements on candidate’s side).