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People with intellectual disabilities were abused in a hospital in the United Kingdom. Inclusion Europe asks to close these institutions now!

Close institutions now!

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We learned that people with intellectual disabilities were abused  

in a hospital in the United Kingdom. 

The abuses  included both mental and physical violence. 

The name of this hospital is Worton Hall  

and many people with intellectual disabilities lived there. 

People from the British television BBC went inside the Worton Hall hospital and filmed these abuses. 

Inclusion Europe was shocked by this news, 

but not surprised. 

We’re not surprised because we know that institutions are not a good place for people with disabilities to live in.  

They’re often victims of violence and abuse inside these institutions. 


Inclusions Europe wants these institutions to close. 

We wrote a statement together with other associations of people with disabilities. 

In this statement we ask all governments to close institutions.  

People with disabilities need a better care, 

in which their human rights are respected.