EDF launches survey on transport accessibility

The European Disability Forum (EDF) is conducting a survey into issues persons with disabilities might be facing when traveling.

EDF launches survey on transport accessibility
etr The European Union made laws about making traveling easy
for people with disabilities.
The laws have been in place for one year.
The European Disability Forum (in short EDF) wants to know
if these laws are respected.
EDF is an organization working for people with disabilities.
EDF is asking people with disabilities if they had problems while traveling.
People with disabilities can tell EDF about these problems in 3 ways:

The European Disability Forum (EDF) is conducting a survey into issues persons with disabilities might be facing when traveling.

EDF logoEuropean Union laws on passengers’ rights in means of transport, including air, rail, bus,  coach, and sea have been in place since 2013. EDF wants to find out if, or how, they are being put into practice. Therefore, the organisation has launched a survey asking people with disabilities to share their experiences and comment openly on the impact the new laws have had on their lives so far.

Voluntary participants are asked to submit their answers and stories to the following e-mail address, via Facebook, or by Tweeting with the hashtag #FreeMove. EDF also compiled a list of questions that will provide respondents with a more detailed image of what type of information the organization is looking for:

  • In which transport mode and in which country did the incident occur?
  • What happened exactly (lack or low quality of assistance, damaged/lost mobility equipment, denied boarding, lack of information, inaccessible facilities….)?
  • Did you lodge a complaint afterwards? If yes, to whom?  The transport provider (airline, railway undertaking, bus company, etc.)? The competent authorities or another body (Ombudsman, mediator, other dispute resolution mechanism)? Did you go to court?
  • How did the transport provider react? Did you get any reply? Did you get compensation?
  • Did you know about your rights as a passenger and especially as persons with reduced mobility?
  • What could be improved to avoid these situations in the future?
  • Do you agree that EDF can use the information you give anonymously in its advocacy work?

If you think you have something to add and would like to help improve traveling conditions for people with disabilities, make your voice heard by contacting EDF.

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