Important decision by the European Parliament on the rights of people with disabilities – ETR

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Important decision by the European Parliament on the rights of people with disabilities – ETR

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On July 8th, the European Parliament approved a decision

in defence of rights of people with intellectual disabilities

in times of COVID-19 crisis.

This decision is based on a petition from Inclusion Europe.

The petition calls for measures that protect

people with intellectual disabilities

during and after the COVID-19 emergency.

During the COVID-19 emergency,

several European countries

did not respect the rights

of people with intellectual disabilities.


For example, there has been

medical discrimination in hospitals.

It means that people with disabilities

could not have access to healthcare.

László Bercse supported the petition.

László Bercse is the Vice-President of Inclusion Europe

and the chair of EPSA.

He said:

“we need to make sure

our rights are respected and that

we are not left behind.”

The European Parliament approved the resolution by

  • 682 votes in favour,
  • 3 against,
  • 10 non-voting.

The European Parliament recalls that

post-coronavirus measures must be compatible with

  • the European Charter of Fundamental Rights,

describing all the rights of being a human in Europe;

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The European Parliament also requests that

all information about COVID-19 are:

Jyrki Pinomaa

Jyrki Pinomaa is the President of Inclusion Europe.

He is very happy about the decision of the European Parliament.


He appreciates that the European Parliament reassured

people with intellectual disabilities and their families about

their rights to have access to healthcare.

Helen Portal is the Policy Officer of Inclusion Europe.

She said that this vote is important to

address the harm and damage done

to people with intellectual disabilities.

Click here to find more information

about our petition.

Our work brings the voice of people with intellectual disabilities and their families where decisions about their future are made.

This has always been incredibly important. It is even more so with the Covid pandemic drastic impact on their rights and lives.

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