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The European Disability Strategy is coming to an end. Now, the European Commission wants to hear your opinion about the European Disability Strategy.

Have your say about the European Disability Strategy!

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The European Disability Strategy is coming to an end. 

The European Disability Strategy started in 2010 

and is going to finish in 2020. 


Now it’s time for the European Commission 

to understand if the European Disability Strategy was good. 

The strategy wants to support people with disabilities  

in the European Union 

and to make use of the UN CRPD. 


The European Commission wants to hear your opinion 

about the European Disability Strategy. 

This means that you can have your say 

about what the European Union did 

for people with intellectual disabilities 

during the past years. 

You can give your opinion online 

by answering to some questions. 

The questions are on the website of the European Commission. 

You can find them in these languages: 


You have time until 13 November 2019  

to answer these questions.  

It is very important to give your opinion 

and make your voice heard!