Making inclusive education happen

In many European countries, children with intellectual disabilities continue to be put in special schools.

This makes both them and non-disabled children loose out, as it deprives them of important learning experiences.

The IE+ project aims to provide decision-makers with the information, training and tools they need to make inclusive education happen. It will help policy-makers to draw up adequate policy frameworks, and education providers to implement them, putting a focus on the transition from segregated to inclusive education settings.

Project website and flyer



Implementation Period   2018 – 2021 
Financed by   European Commission (Erasmus+ project)  
Project Coordinator   EASPD 
Project partners    

Ghent University

Inclusion Europe 

University of Salamanca



C.E.C.D Mira Sintra


Read more about the outcomes during the course of the project.

In many European countries

children with intellectual disabilities

go to special schools.


With the IE+ project, we want to change this.


With this project,

we talk to teachers and politicians.


We want to tell them

that children with intellectual disabilities

are like other children.


They should be able to go to the same schools
as other children.


This project started in 2018

and it will continue till 2021.