Lebenshilfe Austria’s anniversary: 50 years of breaking barriers in minds and everyday life

Lebenshilfe Austria's anniversary: 50 years of breaking barriers in minds and everyday life

“Every day against barriers in the minds and in everyday life” – one of the images used in the campaign. Cornelius Obonya, a well-known Austrian actor, says: “We are already constructing buildings in a barrier-free way. Now the minds need to be included as well. Let’s start.”

“50 years of breaking barriers in minds and in everyday life” – this is the motto of a campaign launched by Inclusion Europe’s member Lebenshilfe Austria, jointly with Lebenshilfe Salzburg, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. The initiative wants to show the barriers people with disabilities are facing in daily life, and how society as a whole needs to change so everyone can feel included.

A number of Austrian prominent figures (for example singers and actors) are supporting the campaign, which provides helpful tipps on what each of us can do to dismantle barriers. The campaign also features Austrian self-advocates who explain how barriers affect their lives. Lebenshilfe Austria wants to stress the importance of support persons and therefore will organise a networking meeting for stakeholders to discuss ways in which it can be made easier for persons with intellectual disabilities to get a support person.

The organisation was founded in 1967 to advocate for the rights and interests of persons with intellectual disabilities and has a track record of initiating important policy changes both for the people with intellectual disabilities themselves and their family members. Lebenshilfe Austria and Inclusion Europe have a history of fruitful cooperation, with the jointly organised Europe in Action conference on Inclusive Education being one of the milestones.

Happy 50th anniversary, Lebenshilfe Austria!