The president of Inclusion Europe shares his own experience – ETR

The president of Inclusion Europe shares his own experience - ETR

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Jyrki Pinomaa

Jyrki Pinomaa is the president of Inclusion Europe.

He is from Finland.


He wrote a letter about his experience in Finland

in times of COVID-19 emergency.


This is a summary of what Jyrki wrote:

During Coronavirus emergency,

I could not see my sons

who have an intellectual disability

for several weeks.


The names of the two boys are

  • Markus
  • Robin


I saw Markus and Robin for the last time

when they came at home

for their regular one-night visit.

It was in March.


After their visit

my wife and I went

on holiday to Spain.


But a few days later,

Coronavirus emergency was declared in Europe.


The news in Finland were saying that supermarkets were running of things for people to buy in supermarkets.


Finish government called for  

all travellers abroad to stay  

two weeks at home  

after returning to Finland. 

When my wife and I got back to Finland,

we had to stay two weeks at home

without seeing our children.


On March 18th,

the care home for the two boys said that

they were no visit allowed for the time being.


I couldn’t visit my sons.

My sons couldn’t come home.



To keep contact with my sons,

I bought an iPad.

We had video calls together.

My sons said that they wanted to go home.


The situation was complicated for

all the residents and their families.


In mid-May

I asked with other families to

the service provider to

stop prohibit home visits.


The service provider accepted our request.

Home visits are not forbidden anymore.


After 13 weeks of separation,

I can finally be reunited with my sons.