Soufiane El Amrani gave a training on easy-to-read at Equinet – Easy to read

Soufiane El Amrani attended Equinet's event on equality. Soufiane gave a training on easy-to-read at the event.

Soufiane El Amrani gave a training on easy-to-read at Equinet - Easy to read

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Soufiane El Amrani is the

easy-to-read editor of Europe for us.


This is the third post of his blog. 


The blog talks about events and topics

on people with intellectual disabilities.


For his third blog post,

Soufiane attended a

training by Equinet.


Equinet is an institution that

fights against discrimination.

What event did Soufiane attend?  

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Soufiane attended Equinet’s training. 


The training was called :

Inclusive design in communication:

Improving the accessibility of Equality Bodies’ outputs”.  


Soufiane attended this event as a speaker. 


Soufiane gave a training on easy-to-read.  

Why is easy-to-read important?

This is important because Equinet 

should know about easy-to-read.  

Equinet should know how to give

information in easy-to-read.  

Easy-to-read would make

Equinet accessible 

What did Soufiane talk about at the training ? 

At the training, Soufiane talked about

how to create easy-to-read documents. 


Soufiane shared a presentation about

what is easy-to-read and why it is important. 


Soufiane explained the rules

of creating easy-to-read texts. 

What did Soufiane learn from this training?

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Soufiane was happy to see so many

people from Equinet wanting to learn

about creating easy-to-read documents.  


Soufiane learned that organisations

want to be more accessible. 


Easy-to-read information makes websites

and documents accessible for people

with intellectual disabilities.

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