Thank you message from Tetyana Lomakina – Easy to read

Tetyana Lomakina thanks Inclusion Europe and its members to help people with intellectual disabilities and their families during the war in Ukraine.

Thank you message from Tetyana Lomakina - Easy to read

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Tetyana Lomakina is Commissioner  

of the President of Ukraine for the 

Barrier-Free Environment. 


Ukraine wants to become 

a member of the European Union. 


In 2009, Ukraine signed a Convention 

about the rights of people with disabilities.  


And in 2010, the Convention 

was respected in Ukraine. 


Ukraine was planning  

to end institutionalisation 

and to end guardianship. 


But, the plans were interrupted 

because of the war started by Russia. 


The Ukranian government knows 

how hard it is for families of people 

with intellectual disabilities to live at war.


The families had to support 

people with intellectual disabilities 

with few money and had

to move out of houses. 


The Ukranian government 

knows that people with 

intellectual disabilities have needs. 


People with intellectual disabilities 

need to have a job, to have a 

support person and to have a house. 


Inclusion Europe created a fund

to help people with intellectual 

disabilities and their families.


Many other NGOs supported 

the help for Ukraine and gave 

money to the fund.


The money helped a lot of 

families of people with intellectual 

disabilities to survive the war. 


The Ukranian government thanks 

Inclusion Europe and its members 

for supporting people with 

intellectual disabilities in Ukraine.


Many members of VGO Coalition 

talked about how the members

have used the money from the fund. 


The members of VGO Coalition 

thanks Inclusion Europe and its 

members for creating a fund 

to help families of people 

with intellectual disabilities in Ukraine. 

Our work brings the voice of people with intellectual disabilities and their families where decisions about their future are made.

This has always been incredibly important. It is even more so with the Covid pandemic drastic impact on their rights and lives.

Being visible and vocal on issues directly affecting millions of people requires your support. 

Become Inclusion Europe supporter and help us keep doing our work.