A new document on legal capacity – ETR

To end our focus on elections and the right to vote, we published a document about the situation of legal capacity in Europe.

A new document on legal capacity

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In 2019, Inclusion Europe focused on elections

as the main topic of the year.

That is because 2019 was the year

of the European elections.

To end that focus on the elections,

we published a document about the situation in the European Union

when it comes to legal capacity.

Legal capacity is strictly related

to the right to vote.

Many people with intellectual disabilities in the EU

still don’t have legal capacity.

This means that:

  • they cannot fully take part in society
  • they cannot decide for themselves

This situation has to change.

It is against the UN CRPD.

Things got better in some countries in the EU,

but there is still a long way to go.


Read the full document in easy-to-read.

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