Barbara is finally out of the institution and her life is better now – ETR

Barbora Mikulová comes from Czechia. She has lived in institutions for most of her life but she finally lives alone now.

Barbara is finally out of the institution and her life is better now

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Barbora Mikulová lives in Czechia.
She has spent most of her life
in institutions.
But now she lives in her own flat. 

We asked Barbara how she left the institution.
We also asked her about her life now.

Barbara spoke at the European Parliament
about what happened to her.
She also talked about what the European Union needs to do
to stop segregation. 

These are the questions we asked her:  

What made you want
to leave the institution? 

Some years ago I was still living in the institution. 

One day, some people came.
They cared and supported me. 

They took me to different places
outside the institution.
Then I understood that I wanted to leave the institution
and live in the community. 

What did you do then? 

First, I found a job outside the institution.
I did laundry and ironing. 

But I was still living in the institution.
The people working there
wanted to stop me. 

They didn’t want me to leave. 

Then I got support from a group
that helps people in making their own decisions. 

I did not have my legal capacity,
but I got advice from the group
on how to make my own decisions. 

What happened next? 

I wanted to have my full legal capacity back.
To do this, a lady from an organisation
helped me. 

I went to a judge who gave me back my legal capacity. 

One year later,
I moved out of the institution
into my own flat. 

I also have another job.
I clean a nursery.
I really like this job
because I like children! 

How’s life going now? 

I live in my own place,
I have a job,
I have great friends,
I make my own decisions. 

My life is much better than before! 

I also help other people. 

I meet up with a woman
who lives in an institution close to my place.
I have known her for very long. 

We spend time together
outside the institution.
For example, we go see the town.
Or we stay at my place.
I like her very much! 

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