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Be.Safe is a project that teaches people with intellectual disabilities how to protect themselves against cybercrime. Inclusion Europe organised the final event for the project.

Crime happens also online

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Be.Safe is a project   

that teaches people with intellectual disabilities 

how to protect themselves against cybercrime. 

Cybercrime is a crime that happens on the internet. 

For example, if someone tells you in an online chat
that he will hurt you.  

Or if someone tries to steal your money online. 

The Be.Safe project started in 2017 

and is finishing this year. 

Inclusion Europe organised an event 

for the end of the Be.Safe project. 

This event took place at the
European Economic and Social Committee. 

Different people spoke during the event. 

Inclusion Europe director Milan Šveřepa said that many people  

with intellectual disabilities 

still can’t access the internet 

or have an e-mail address. 


At the event, there was a video message  

by the MEP Elissavet Vozemberg. 

Another speaker was Simon Lesur, 

self-advocate from France.  

Simon said that he learned a lot 

while taking part at the project. 

Speakers from other organisations  

came as well. 

They said that when a cybercrime happens 

many people don’t say anything about it to the police.  


Ms. Adamowicz said that she is willing to help  

in fighting against crime and hate 

that happen on the internet. 

All the project participants  

will keep working on fighting cybercrime. 

The goal is to make the internet more safe 

for people with intellectual disabilities.