David Rodrigues awarded as “Distinguished International Leader 2017”

David Rodrigues awarded as ``Distinguished International Leader 2017``
etr Inclusion Europe did a conference called Europe in Action in 2016.

One of the persons that spoke at the conference was Professor David Rodrigues.

He is the President of Pro-inclusion.
Pro inclusion is the Portuguese National Association
of Special Education Teachers.

David Rodrigues received an award by the Council for Exceptional Children.
This is an organisation of professionals who work in inclusive education.

The organisation gives the award to people
that do a good job in special education.

David Rodrigues received the award for his work in special education.

Congratulations from Inclusion Europe to David Rodrigues!


David Rodrigues

One of the key speakers at “Europe in Action” 2016, Professor David Rodrigues (President of Pro-inclusion, the Portuguese National Association of Special Education Teachers), has received a distinction given by the Council for Exceptional Children (EC) – Division of International Education Services (DISEE).

The EEC, headquartered in the United States, is the largest and most prestigious organisation of academics and professionals in the field of special and inclusive education. The “Distinguished International Leader Award 2017” is assigned as recognition of “a professional who has demonstrated a significant international leadership in the field of special education”. The prize will be delivered in Boston on the 21th of April 2017.

Having graduated with a Special Education teaching doctorate in 1987, David Rodrigues has taught at the Technical University of Lisbon, as well as various other universities in Portugal (Porto, Lisbon, the Azores and Coimbra) and abroad (KU Leuven – Belgium, VS University – USA and UNICAMP – Brazil). He was Professor Coordinator of ESE Jean Piaget (Almada) and Professor at the University Portucalense, and has worked on international projects for UNESCO and Handicap International. He has published 30 books and dozens of articles in specialised journals. In 2007 he was awarded the Latin Union Research Prize. Since June 2015 he has been working as National Education Advisor and columnist for The Public and Education page. Today David Rodrigues is a guest lecturer in Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Brazil, the United States, Colombia, Cape Verde and Mexico. He is President of Pro-Inclusion / National Association of Special Education Teachers and director of the magazine Inclusive Education.

Inclusion Europe congratulates David Rodrigues on the award and wishes him much success for his future work!