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Inclusion Europe, together with 5 other NGOs, is organising an event at the European Parliament. The event is about co-production.

Event on co-production for people with disabilities

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Inclusion Europe, together with 5 other NGOs, 

is organising aevent at the European Parliament. 

The event will be on Tuesday 19 November 2019

in the Room ASP 7H1 of the European Parliament.

The event is about co-production. 

Co-production means working together 

on a topic. 


can support people with disabilities. 


This is why Inclusion Europe has joined 
a working group on co-production. 

We are in the working group together with
the 5 other NGOs. 

The working groups want to use co-production 

to support inclusion of people with disabilities. 

For example in: 

The working group made a study in different countries 

to see how co-production 

works in these countries 


During the event at the European Parliament 

we will look at the results of the study.  

We will also look at how co-production 

can support people with disabilities 

in taking part in politics. 


You can register for the event here. 

This is the programme of the event 

on co-production 

at the European Parliament: 

10:00 to 10:10 Welcome to the event 


10:10 to 10:20 We talk about the study 


10:20 to 11:00 Which difficulties 

did people with disabilities have 

during the last European elections? 

We will talk about this. 


11:00 to 11:10 Coffee break 


11:10 to 11:50 How can co-production 

support people with disabilities 

in taking part in politics? 

We will talk about this. 


11:50 to 12:00 End of the event 

Our work brings the voice of people with intellectual disabilities and their families where decisions about their future are made.

This has always been incredibly important. It is even more so with the Covid pandemic drastic impact on their rights and lives.

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