Report on Ireland; Deadly fire in Slovakia; Hospitals must protect people with disabilities – #IncludeNews for January 2022

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Report on Ireland; Deadly fire in Slovakia; Hospitals must protect people with disabilities - #IncludeNews for January 2022

Include News brings you updates about interesting reports, work done for inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in Europe, and other stuff that is good to know.
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27 January is a day we remember and honour the victims of Nazi Germany.

  • Nazi Germany killed many millions of people, especially Jews, but also Roma, people with disabilities, and other people.
  • People with disabilities were among the first victims of Nazi Germany, being killed in what was called Aktion T4.


The CRPD is in force in the EU for 11 years now.

  • In 2022 the CRPD Committee will assess how the EU fulfils its obligations.


#MyFrontDoor campaign to bring Scottish people with intellectual disabilities home.

  • ENABLE Scotland have a new campaign to uphold the human rights of all adults who have a learning disability in Scotland to live in the home of their choice, in the community they like, close to the people they love by 2023.
  • More than 700 people with intellectual disabilities must live out of their area, because they could not get the support they needed in their own community.
  • 67 people were living in hospital because they could not get the support they needed in their community. 15 of these people had been in hospital for more than 10 years


Inclusion Ireland have new report on what people with an intellectual disability have to say about how their rights are respected in Ireland.

  • The report covers education, employment, choices, community living…
  • 200 people contributed during 6 months of preparations, and 3 national consultations organised and led by people with an intellectual disability.
  • „People don’t think we can do much. Sometimes it feels like they only give us the simple jobs that we don’t like. We can’t make our own decisions because they are made for us by other people.“
  • „There is not enough support in schools for people with disabilities to be included. Classes in schools are too big. There are not enough assistants and other supports.“
  • Read the report here (.pdf).


UN Committee against torture condemns Slovakia for treatment of a woman with intellectual disability:


France will organise ministerial conference on disability early March.


German constitutional court rules disabled people must be protected in Covid triage cases.

  • Disabled people must be protected by legally binding guidelines in case hospitals are forced to introduce a triage system.
  • Legislators must create a legal framework that would prevent disabled people from being unfairly treated (in German).


70th anniversary of LEV:

  • LEV is our member in Denmark.
  • Lev celebrates their 70th anniversary this year.


New chair of Inclusion Ireland:

  • Ashley Sands is the new Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Inclusion Ireland.
  • Ashley was first appointed to the Board as a Director in November 2020 and is the parent of a son with an intellectual disability.


Fire broke out in “care home” in Slovakia, killing 4 residents with disabilities.

  • A fire broke out in a residential “care home” in Osadné, Slovakia, on 21 December 2021.
  • 4 of the residents with disabilities died as a result of the fire.
  • The Slovak Commissioner for People with Disabilities launched an investigation (in Slovak) into safety of the residential establishment.
  • Organisations (including our member in Slovakia) call on the government to speed-up the necessary reforms to social services, and to protect people with disabilities.
  • Inclusion Europe joined this call (in Slovak).

Funding for easy-to-read technology.

  • The Austrian organisation Capito is one of those who will receive research and innovation funding from the EU.
  • The funding for Capito is to help them make easy-to-read using Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • AI is when a computer does something on their own, without people telling the computer what to do.

“Human rights are universal.”

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