Draft guidelines on deinstitutionalisation available for comment – #IncludeNews June 2022

Overview of news, reports, policies relevant to people with intellectual disabilities and their families in Europe.

Draft guidelines on deinstitutionalisation available for comment - #IncludeNews June 2022

#IncludeNews brings you updates about work done for inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in Europe. This post is updated with new information during the month.

Highlights this month:

Participating in the Award is an opportunity to gain European recognition and a unique chance to review the current situation in your city.

The Access City Award is open to:

  • all EU cities of over 50 000 inhabitants;
  • urban areas composed of two or more towns with a combined population of over 50 000 inhabitants, if they are in EU countries with fewer than 2 cities with over 50 000 inhabitants.

Applications can be submitted on the application portal.

The deadline to apply is 8 September 2022 at 23:59 CEST.


Conference of State Parties 2022

Conference of State Parties (COSP) takes place in New York in the week of 13 June.

  • COSP is a conference of countries taking part in the UN CRPD.
  • New members of the CRPD Committee will be elected.
  • All relevant information about the COSP on IDA website.

Inclusion Europe and Inclusion International are co-organising a side-event to the COSP.

  • The webinar is about people with intellectual disabilities in Ukraine, how the Russian war affects them, and what needs to be done to support them.
  • The event takes place 16 June from 16:00 Brussels time.
  • More information, and how to register.

(update 14 June)


Fundamental Rights Report 2022

The Fundamental Rights Agency published its 2022 report, with particular focus on social rights and Covid pandemic.

(update 14 June)


100 days: Ukrainians with intellectual disabilities and their families surviving the war

Ukrainians with intellectual disabilities and their families surviving the war.

  • Their experience, their needs now and in near future.
  • Report by the Coalition for Protection of Rights of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities.

(update 14 June)


#WithdrawOvideo campaign success

Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe freezes adoption of Additional Protocol to the Oviedo Convention

(update 14 June)


Lebenshilfe Austria has new president

Anton Henckel-Donnersmarck was elected as a new president of our member in Austria.

  • As the older brother of a person with a disability, he has experienced since childhood how many barriers his brother and relatives encounter in everyday life. Dismantling these, self-determination and co-determination as well as the recognition of all people as a self-evident part of society was the motivation more than 10 years ago to take over the presidency of Lebenshilfe Kärnten on a voluntary basis. 
  • A decade ago, he was the first Austrian-state Lebenshilfe president to appoint a self-advocate as a voting member to the board of a Lebenshilfe state organization.
  • It is my goal to have set up Lebenshilfe Österreich in a few years in such a way that we can have a president with an intellectual disability. This is then self-determination at the highest level of interest politics.

The new president commented on a National Disability Action Plan (NAP), to be adopted by the Council of Ministers before the summer.

  • “The NAP should identify a disability policy approach for the years 2022-2030. When I look at individual chapters, I don’t see any concept for the future. All I can see is that in many cases the will to inclusion is still lacking.
  • When I read, for example, that special schools should continue to be maintained, it does not sound to me like a plan for the future, but rather a plan to block the future of our children.”

(update 14 June)


60th anniversary of Papillons Blancs de Dunkerque

Our local member in France celebrated their 60th anniversary on 4 June.

(update 14 June)


CPRD Committee published draft guidelines on deinstitutionalisation: Comments to be sent by 30 June

The Committee invites written submissions on the draft Guidelines 30 June 2022.

Inclusion Europe will submit our comments on the draft guidelines.

  • We will organise consultation with our members.
  • We will especially want to hear from self-advocacy members.
  • We encourage our members to submit their comments on the draft too.


Plena inclusión has new president

Carmen Laucirica was elected as a new president of our member in Spain.

  • Carmen Laucirica is the sister and mother of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  •  “We begin a period that demands the construction of inclusive communities, based on a conviction that the rights of people with disabilities are in the center,” Carmen Laucirica said.


Working group for the Child Guarantee

The Employment Committee of the European Parliament established a new working group to scrutinise the implementation of national plans providing services to children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

(updates 3 June)


Europe in Action conference:


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