Conference: Europe in Action to End Segregation

Europe in Action to End Segregation conference takes place from 7 to 9 September 2022 in Brussels.

Conference: Europe in Action to End Segregation

Europe in Action to End Segregation conference takes place from 7 to 9 September 2022 in Brussels.

Elisabeta Moldovan speaking during the conference


The conference was an opportunity for our movement to come together after almost 3 years.

  • To meet and exchange on what is happening in our organisations and countries.
  • To learn from one another about how to promote inclusion successfully.
  • To discuss and plan next steps in our fight for full rights and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities and families.

Europe in Action conferences are great for getting new ideas,
sharing good practices, and connecting with people in the inclusion movement.
Jyrki Pinomaa, president of Inclusion Europe

About Europe in Action conferences

Europe in Action conferences bring together more than 200 people with intellectual disabilities, their families, activists, and professionals.

Participants discuss issues important to them and share experiences and ideas to advance inclusion.


Europe in Action conferences are organized every year.

The first Europe in Action conference was organised in 2003.

You can revisit all the previous conferences here.


Europe in Action conferences connect people, organisations, ideas, and places.


The conference starts at 10:00 on 7 September, and ends at 12:30 on 9 September.


Speeches and presentations

Opening session to end segregation:


Support to people with intellectual disabilities and their families in Ukraine:


Deinstitutionalisation in Czechia:


Jobs for people with intellectual disabilities:


Disability-inclusive rebuilding in Ukraine:



Inclusion Europe members discussed these topics over a series of sessions.

  • Why we care about, and what do we mean by deinstitutionalisation.
    • Discussion on a new position paper by Inclusion Europe.
  • How to and achieve systemic change in legal capacity for people with intellectual disabilities.
    • Lessons and tools based on experience in various countries and continents, Camille Latimier, Inclusion Czechia.
  • Family support: How can care reforms and social protection policies be inclusive of families of people with intellectual disabilities?


Closing session: For the future

  • Heather Gilchrist, self-advocate and membership ambassador, Jamie Rutherford, executive advisor, ENABLE Scotland: Advocacy-led services, personal assistance model of support
  • Sylvia Costantini, managing director, Revolutionalise: Fundraising for the future
  • Paul Alford, self-advocate, Inclusion Ireland: Live a life of your own


Paul Alford at the conference, being interviewed by Guillaume Jacquinot


Reflections on the conference:


More information:


The conference was organised with financial support from the European Union, and the Open Society Foundation.


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