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Inclusion Europe did an interview with Christine Dufour. She founded an NGO to help children with disabilities to be included in mainstream school. 

Inclusive society can be more than a sweet dream

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“On souffle dans ton dos” is an NGO in Belgium.  

“On souffle dans ton dos” means “We blow in your back 

The NGO helps children with disabilities to 

be included in mainstream school. 


Christine Dufour is the founder of the NGO. 

She has daughter with intellectual disabilities 

Her name is Lisette. 

Inclusion Europe did an interview with Christine Dufour.  

She spoke about how inclusive education is good for everyone. 

How was the NGO founded?  

The creation of the NGO was needed 

when I realized that Lisette needed help in the classroom.  


Lisette has been attending mainstream school 

since the age of 3 

But I realised that it was essential to  

put in place something that could help her in her learning.  


Then, I looked for someone who wanted to help Lisette 

understand the instructions, and  

adapt teaching materials to her needs.  


volunteer agreed to help my daughter in her classroom.  

This was a real help for Lisette and her teacher.  

That is how I came up with the idea of creating the NGO  

to help other children with disabilities to be included at school.  

What does your NGO do?  

The NGO sets up individual support within mainstream schools.  


A volunteer helps a child with disabilities in the class and  

becomes a support for the child and the teacher. 


To this date, the NGO has about 60 volunteers, 

who help about 60 children with disabilities  

Do you have any future projects? 

We have the project to create an inclusive school  

This school would welcome: 

  • children with disabilities,  
  • children without disabilities 

Teachers would  

  • use new teaching methods, 
  • be trained to supervise any child with complex support needs.

What are the benefits of inclusive education? 

Inclusion of children with disabilities is good for everyone.   

Children with support needs are pushed to do better.  

Their inclusion in the class brings tolerance and empathy.  


It is also a benefit for the teachers. 

They are encouraged to adapt their learning methods  

to the needs of every child.  

How does Lisette experience her inclusion in mainstream school? 

Being included at school helps Lisette understand  

the behaviours that are good  

and the behaviours that are not.  

She starts reading, and

she loves mathematics.  

She is interested in many things.  

Inclusive education plays a big role in all of this!  

Her inclusion at school is good for her  

but also, for the other children.  

The children develop a sense of mutual aid,  

and the teacher does not have to impose it! 

What needs to be done for schools to be truly inclusive?  

Schools must have enough  

money and people to help  

implementing inclusion in classrooms 


The school system must also adapt  

to the needs of each child 

not the other way around 

Our work brings the voice of people with intellectual disabilities and their families where decisions about their future are made.

This has always been incredibly important. It is even more so with the Covid pandemic drastic impact on their rights and lives.

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