Interview with self-advocate Johann Stadler: My path to independence

A story from self-advocate, Johann Stadlerand who lives in Graz in Austria and has been employed by Atempo since 2007.

Johann Stadler: My path to independence

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My name is Johann Stadler
and I am 55 years old.
I live in Graz in Austria.

I have been employed by Atempo
in self-advocacy since 2007.

I live in my own flat and am
supported there by residential
assistants twice a week.

The road to this independent
and autonomous life has not always been easy.

There have been ups and downs,
but I have been well supported along the way.

In my younger years,
I was in a full-time supported living facility
and worked in various sheltered workshops.

Back then I was often promised a job,
but the promise was never
kept after the placement.

I was sometimes taken advantage
of at internships or not treated well.

Because I don’t put up with anything
and stand up for my rights,
I often changed sheltered
workshops or internships

When I came to Atempo,
I found out that this quality is one of my strengths.

I can use it well as a self-advocate.

I have been working at Atempo for 15 years now.
I have achieved a lot as a self-advocate.

For example, I also give talks
about my path to independence.

This way I can encourage other
people with learning disabilities.

If you believe in yourself and
don’t let yourself be distracted
from your goals, a lot is possible.

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