Lebenshilfe Austria awards “Prize for Inclusion”

Lebenshilfe Austria awards ``Prize for Inclusion``

All award winners at the “Prize for Inclusion” of Lebenshilfe Austria

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Inclusion Europe’s member Lebenshilfe Austria has awarded the “Prize for Inclusion” for the second time. The prize is awarded to inclusive projects fostering the self-determination and inclusion of people with disabilities in society.

The project winning on the federal level was “einfach informiert” (“easily informed”), Austria’s first newspaper in easy language. The bimonthly newspaper is oriented towards people with learning difficulties, disabilities or other conditions making it difficult to read conventional newspapers. It covers topics such as politics, culture, sports and science.

Other award-winning projects included computer training courses for people with learning difficulties and older people, a primary school for pupils with and without special education needs and an inclusive music group.

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Lebenshilfe Austria has given its Prize for Inclusion for a second time.


Lebenshilfe Austria defends the rights of

people with intellectual disabilities.

Lebenshilfe Austria is a member of Inclusion Europe.


The Prize for Inclusion is given to projects

that help people with disabilities

so they are better included in society.


The project that won the first prize was einfach informiert.

Einfach informiert is Austria’s first newspaper in easy language.

Einfach informiert is German.

It means easily informed in English.

The newspaper is meant for people

who may have some difficulties with reading other newspapers.

It talks about topics like politics, culture, sports, and science.


Other projects that won awards are for example:

  • a computer training program for people with learning difficulties and older people.
  • a primary school for children with and without special education needs.
  • an inclusive music group.