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Life with an intellectual disability - interview series by Inclusion Europe

Melanie Wimmer: Life and work with a disability

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Inclusion Europe started a new project
called Inclusion Europe Radio. 

Inclusion Europe Radio is a podcast.
The podcast is about life and employment
with a disability. 

The second episode of the podcast 
is about Melanie Wimmer. 
Melanie Wimmer has a disability. 
Melanie also works at Atempo. 
Melanie had difficult times in school 
and in life but now she is successful. 

The interview for Melanie was 
done by Myrto Delkou.
Myrto is the Communication Trainee 
at Inclusion Europe. 

Myrto and Melanie talked about Melanie’s
disability and her life in Austria. 
Melanie said that she has paralysis and
she needs a wheelchair. 

Melanie says that life in Austria is not 
hard when you need a wheelchair. 

Melanie uses social media as a self-advocate.
The social media platforms Melanie 
uses are Instagram and Facebook.
Melanie posts about fashion, 
makeup, and lifestyle. 

People can follow Melanie on 
Facebook and Instagram.
Melanie’s Facebook is
Melanie auf 4 Rädern durchs Leben
And her Instagram is: 

Melanie says that the biggest difficulty in her life
are the people who stare at her in public.

Melanie also had a difficult time in school because
the other kids didn’t want to be her friend
and the teachers didn’t think she would be
able to be successful in life. 

Melanie now has a job at Atempo.
Atempo is a company that
helps people with disabilities. 

Melanie is the accessibility expert at Atempo.
Melanie enjoys her work very much. 

Melanie hopes that her work 
will help make young people
nicer to people with disabilities.

Myrto and Melanie also talked about  
travelling and Melanie’s 
experience in different countries. 
Melanie said that she liked  
Finland and England because they 
are very wheelchair friendly. 
Melanie said that it was difficult  
to use her wheelchair in Italy. 

Melanie wants to say to people with disabilities that 
they shouldn’t give up when they want a job.  
They should think about what  
they can do well and believe 
in their abilities and talents. 

Melanie also said to people with 
disabilities who want to be self-advocates, 
that they should do it.  

They should never give up
because it is good if more 
people talk about disabilities. 

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