We published the latest Europe for us!

We have published Europe for Us! Europe for Us is our easy-to-read newsletter for self-advocates. This issue talks about our Europe in Action conference and much more!

We published the latest Europe for us!

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We have just published the 2nd edition of Europe for us! 

Europe for us is our newsletter for self-advocates. 

It is published in easy-to-read. 


This edition of Europe for us includes different topics. 

The two main topics are: 

It happened in Lithuania last June. 

They happened in the European Union  

last May. 

Other topics of this Europe for us are: 


  • László Bercse’s election as the new chair 

of the EPSA steering group 

  • our Annual Report for 2018 

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English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish