“We want all children to be safe in school” – ETR

This year Inclusion Europe wants to talk about education. We think that inclusive education is better for students, teachers and parents. Our member Enable Scotland wants all children to feel safe when they go to school. In many schools, children with disabilities are kept away from the other children. Enable Scotland started a campaign to stop this. The campaign is called “In Safe Hands?”. Jordan McKenna works at Enable Scotland. We asked Jordan some questions.

“We want all children to be safe in school”

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This year Inclusion Europe launches a new campaign

called “That’s what I learned“.

The topic of this campaign is education. 

We think that inclusive education is better 

for students, teachers and parents. 

Our member Enable Scotland  

wants all children to feel safe 

when they go to school. 

In many schools, children with disabilities 

are kept away from the other children.  

Enable Scotland started a campaign to stop this. 

The campaign is called “In Safe Hands?”. 

Jordan McKenna works at Enable Scotland. 

We asked Jordan some questions. 

Why did Enable Scotland start the campaign? 

What were its goals? 


We fight for all children with an intellectual disability in Scotland. 

Scotland is part of the United Kingdom.  

We want all children with disabilities to be safe,  

healthy and to feel included.  

We believe that all children have the right  

to feel safe when they go to school. 

We want all the children to learn together in schools. 

Many children with intellectual disabilities find it difficult  

to say how they feel.  

They often say how they feel by doing things 

For example, some children throw themselves on the ground 

if they don’t like something. 

Sometimes teachers don’t understand that. 

Then the teachers react in a bad way. 

For example, they lock the children up in a room. 

Or they keep the children from moving. 

This causes stress to the children and the teachers. 

And often the children are not safe. 

There are many sad stories of children with intellectual disabilities 

who are kept away from the other children. 

This is bad. 

We want to stop this. 

We don’t want children with intellectual disabilities  

locked and kept away from the other children. 

We want more support for teachers. 

And we want everyone to know  

that sometimes these bad things happen 

to children with intellectual disabilities. 


That’s why we started the campaign “In Safe Hands?”. 

What did the parents  

of children with intellectual disabilities tell you? 


The parents told us 

what happened to their children. 


One girl was locked in a room for a long time. 

She needed to go to the bathroom, 

but they didn’t let her. 

The school did not say anything about it  

to the parents of the girl 

The parents only heard about what had happened 

from another pupil. 

The girl is in another school now, 

but she is still very afraid.  

The mother of a child with disability told me 

that her child was locked in a cloakroom 

because he did not want to put his shoes on. 


These things are very common.  

But often, the parents don’t know about these things. 

Because no one talks about these things. 

Who supported Enable Scotland for the campaign? 


The families of children  

who were locked and kept away 

helped us in our work. 


Beth Morrison is the mother of Calum. 

In his school, a teacher once  

did not let Calum move. 

Calum was injured because of that. 

Beth helped us to make this problem known 

also in other countries. 


Also other organisations supported us. 

For example, Inclusion Europe. 

Many people wrote and talked about  

our campaign “In Safe Hands?”. 

You started the campaign last year. 

Is there something good that has come out 

of the campaign? 



The government of Scotland 

will give clearer rules  

on how to treat children with disabilities in schools. 

This is very good. 

But we still have a lot of work to do. 

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