Presentations from Europe in Action 2016 in Lisbon

Download all presentations from the Europe in Action 2016 conference: Family Action in Inclusive Education. Kick-off for Independence.

Presentations from Europe in Action 2016 in Lisbon

Thursday, 26 May 2016


Opening Plenary Session

Moderator: Rogério Cação, Portugal

Diane Richler, Inclusion International

The right to inclusive education

Gauthier de Beco, University of Leeds, Belgium

The situation of inclusive education in Europe

David Rodrigues, Pro-Inclusion, Portugal

Inclusive education in Portugal: walking with open eyes

Ellis Jongerius, Ieder(in), The Netherlands

The importance of inclusive education for the learners

Thursday, 26 May 2016, Parallel Sessions


Understanding Family Involvement in the UN Convention

Moderator: Bernhard Schmid, Austria

Inés de Araoz Sánchez-Dopico, Plena Inclusión, Spain

Understanding Family Involvement in the UN Convention

Denise RozaRussian Organisation Perspektiva, Best Buddies Russia

The role of disability and family organisations
in promoting and supporting inclusive education


Understanding the Organisation of Inclusive School Systems

Moderator: Rogério Cação, Portugal

Sonja Uhlmann, Inclusive Education Working Group, Inclusion Europe

Understanding the Organisation of Inclusive Schools in the UN Convention

Jerónimo de Sousa, Centro de Reabilitação Profissional de Gaia, Portugal

The Role of Resource Centres in Inclusive Education


Understanding what the United Nations Convention means for governments

Moderator: Albert Brandstätter, Austria

Aleksandra Ivanković, Inclusion Europe

What the States need to do to ensure inclusive education


Workshop Personalised learning and person-centredness in an inclusive classroom

David Rodrigues, Pro-Inclusion, Portugal


Workshop Participation of families and young people with disabilities in demanding changes in education

Camille Latimier, Jitka Soldánová, Michaela Hodíková, Inclusion

Friday, 27 May 2016


Plenary Session

All Means All: Ensuring quality education for all learners

Moderator: Jeanne Nicklas-Faust, Germany

José Smits, Inclusion Netherlands

Education statistics and out-of-school children


Tana Vogele: a person with complex needs in a regular classroom

Oliver Linz, Lebenshilfe Germany

Inclusive education of children with complex needs:
a parent‘s perspective

Friday, 27 May 2016, Parallel sessions


Support by Peers

Moderator: Harry Roche, United Kingdom

Sonja Uhlmann

The “Hear our Voices“ project


Challenges and possibilities for inclusive teacher training

Moderator: David Rodrigues, Portugal

Jan Dekelver, Thomas More University College, Belgium

ICLife: How to make life on a campus for higher education more inclusive for people with intellectual disabilities


Strengthening the role of families in inclusive schools

Moderator: Thomas Jansson, Sweden

Pavla BaxováRytmus – od klienta k občanovi, o.p.s., Czechia

Aliance Parents for Inclusion

Maria Luísa T. Beltrão Oliveira, Pais-em-Rede Association, Portugal

Networking and mutual support of parents


Learners needs for a life after school

Moderator: Carla Silva, Portugal

Joaquim Colôa, Portugal

Assessing the diversity in diversity

Sofia Santos PhD, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

Is there a life after school?


Mobilising Civil Society

Moderator: Connie Laurin-Bowie, Canada

Kate Lapham, Open Society Foundations, Turkey

The OSF Education Support Program

Maria Leonor Borges, Universidade do Algarve, Portugal

Fighting for an inclusive education: practicing citizenship

Saturday, 28 May 2016


Closing Plenary Session

Moderator: Jyrki Pinomaa, Finland

Sonja Uhlmann

Summary of the Conference